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  • Designing the difference

    Basic textiles often also look basic. Not with Global Impact. We offer a total concept: the right collection with styles, colours, designs and packaging tailored to each specific target group. Our designers develop not only creative, but also accessible and commercial products. And a lot of attention is paid to the packaging. Of course, not only the look and impression are important. At Global Impact, we are permanently looking for new technologies, new technical fibres, new production methods or, in a nutshell, new ideas. Even simple socks and underwear can be high tech.

  • Mission

    As a leading specialist in basic textiles, Global Impact develops creative collections for the discerning consumer. Global Impact is a solid partner that goes beyond the expectations of its international clientele and in so doing deals respectfully with suppliers, employees and the environment.

    Global Impact is always looking for innovation, both as to the design of the final product as to the work processes and organisation. Innovation means creativity and daring to change.

  • Sustainable future

    Given that we are active in textile products worldwide, it is our individuality and choice to constantly take on our social responsibility and to contribute to sustainable development. Corporate social responsibility is a top priority for Global Impact: better products, a better organisation and a better world - these are our ultimate goals. A commitment that we substantiate, inter alia, through our membership of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

    For more info, visit www.bsci-intl.org


  • Quality guarantee

    Global Impact constantly guards the quality of all its products. Our strategy entails cooperating at all stages of the production process, at home and abroad, exclusively with our own partners with whom we build a strong relationship of trust. Global Impact guarantees a practical and direct approach: strict controls, meticulous follow-up and logistic punctuality are fundamental. Composition, quality and environmental friendliness of our articles are permanently checked in accredited textile laboratories all over the world.

    Our guarantee for your quality.

  • Know-how and product knowledge

    Global Impact produces worldwide and, inter alia, has its own branch in China. Product knowledge is the cornerstone of our organisation. Each stocking, each set of underwear, each pair of pyjamas ... is always produced according to strictly prescribed guidelines. Production machines, fabrics, dyeing, degree of finishing, printing process ... for each order once again the criteria are meticulously determined. Production managers and technicians in the factories get appropriate support to optimise the manufacturing process. The basis is always the right product.

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